Law and order:

penalize, handcuffs, allegation, red- handed, acquit, charge sb with sth, execution, legislation, penalty, trial, petty crime, appeal,solitary confinement, breach of the peace, prosecute, on parole, confession, punitive, condemn, chain gang, verdict, convicted, interrogation (Despoina).


retribution, sentence, isolation, chain gang,detention, ground,solitary confinement, execution, hard labor, imprison, imprisonment

Legal actions:

Other idioms and phrases with prepositions: that's par for the course, turn of events, it' s way out of our way, at the break of day, answer to a description, hit the nail on the head, get up on the wrong side of the bed, get on sb's nerves, set my eyes on, feast my eyes on sth, in the nick of time, in the time allotted, out of the question,get out of sb's way, be head over heels in love, be in a fix, be in hot water, put sb in a picture, be a glutton for punishment (Monika).

Phrases containing verbs with the prefix 're':

  • The main purpose of the program is to rehabilitate young people being drug addicted.
  • It' been 10 years since we last renovated our apartment. It was about time.
  • He was swayed by his lawyer to retract his testimony if he wanted not to be convicted.
  • The attack was so severe that they were forced to retreat in order to rally.
  • The increase of exportations revived the sales of the company.
  • People, who revolted against the dictatorship, were apprehended and thrown to prison. (Babis)