The arts: applause, craft, lyrics, portray, rave review, script, cellist, juggle, standing ovation, pitch, string instrument, woodwind instrument

Augmenting : increasing, growing, progressing, thriving, boost, flourish, heighten, compound, reinforce, aggrandizing (MONIKA)

Influences : beneficial, influential, boost, take sb by storm, astonishingly, come up against, induce, impact, swell, inflate, enhance, sting, deduce, detain, offend, radiate, detrimental, immerse oneself

Idioms describing personal interaction:

Pleasure and pain : take sb/sth by storm, misery, relief, cheer, hilarious, swell, distressing, derive pleasure from sth, delight, blissful, discontent, excruciating, numb, content, be in agony, harmful, unpleasant, soothe, wound, joy, happy, unbearable, happiness, injury. (Despina)

Music : lyrics, melody, cellist, classical, pop, rock, violin, composer, sonata, concert, singer, debut, cover version, musicians, play list, string instrument, pitch, orchestra, audience, woodwind instrument, performer, illegal, relax, standing ovation, amplifier, electric guitar, mainstream. (Despina)

Culture : subculture, mainstream, gospel, antihero, misfit, civilization, cultivation, education, accomplishment (MONIKA)

Word derivatives

Other idioms/ phrases: turn one's nose up, on the lookout for, put one's foot in one's mouth, see eye to eye, put one's foot down, put one's feet up, slip of the tongue, raise (a few/some) eyebrows, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours , keep one's eyes peeled , pull sb's leg, cross one's mind, be/feel up to sth, ring a bell (Nikos)

Phrases to sequence or link ideas : last but not least, sum up, none other than sb/sth (Nikos)