Biology: protein, nucleotide, amino acid, ribosome, gene, DNA, cell, chromosome, decay, molecule, metabolism, tissue, immune system, virus, blood vessel, hemoglobin, vein. (Babis)

Body parts: liver, thigh, pelvis, forearm, gland, abdomen, spine, intestine, chest cavity, waist, palm, knee, jaw, calf, ankle, chin, elbow. (Despina)

Treatment and advice:
Posture, transplant, surgical, postsurgical, complication, obesity, appraisal, focus on, malaria, rabies, stitch, transmit, intensive care, virus, contagious, bruise, malfunction, benign, hereditary, rash, heal, amputate, stiff, congested, recuperate, resuscitate, tried and tested (Manos)

Idioms and adjectives (with prefixes or not):in next to no time, under one's steam, cut-and-dried, muddy the waters, bear sth in mind, second to none, one's mind is playing tricks on one, run in the family, hit the nail on the head, fit sb with sth, bone of contention , hand to mouth, tried and tested ( Nick)