Manos: field trip, mandatory/optional attendance, curriculum, intensive or crash courses, scholar, play hooky, consolidate, prestigious university

Despina: extracurricular activity, scholarship, expulsion, semester, tuition fee, apprenticeship, detention, vocational

Influencing/ forcing people:

Manos: mandatory, motivate, incentive, corporal punishment, child abuse, mislead, entice, provoke, compel, captivate

Despina: inspire, obey, affect, effect, stimulate, cultivate, discipline


Manos: memorable, memorial, eternal, recollection

Despina: reminiscent of, reminisce about, jog sb's memory, rack sb's brains, sb's mind goes blank

Phrasal verbs:

Manos: set up, beat up, look down on, drop out, opt out of

Despina: make up, tell off, take after, pick on, split up, hand down, get over, come along, pick up, catch up with, make up for

Expressions/ idioms:

Manos: be up to sb (to do sth), in sb’s favor, on the verge/point of (doing sth), ones’ mind goes blank

Despina: have my head in the sand, have got a lot on my plate, there is more to life than, have got my sights set on sth, get round to do sth, on the tip of my tongue, to make matters worse