Part 1 (page 1-24)

The story of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde was a very strange and scary case which happened in London ! Mr Utterson was a lawyer with people skills, as he was polite , fair and the last good person that evil-doers met on their way to prison. Mr's Utterson best friend was Mr Richard Enfield with whom he often took long walks through the clean , busy and friendly streets of London ! However , one day a dark , mysterious , windowless building attracted their attention and the same time Mr Enfield started to describe a very strange story about a hard and cruel man who consciously walked all over one child's body with his heavy boots and left her screaming on the ground. Mr Enfield immediately ran after the man , caught him and fetched him back. This cruel human being with murder in his eyes agreed to pay to hide this disliked behaviour , got into the mysterious building and got out with money and a cheque not charged in his name, but in the name of a well- known person for his kind and generous acts.Why a man like him gave a cheque to a criminal was a mystery! Mr Utterson asked further questions and seemed to be interested to find out who that cruel and strange - looking man was, so Mr Enfield told him. His name was Hyde.
Exactly the same night, Mr Utterson went into his office and he read Doctor Jekyll's will according to which he leaves, after death, everything he owns to his dear friend Edward Hyde. The lawyer urgently had to gather more information about this case and to protect his client.So , he visited an old friend, who knew Dr Jekyll, Dr Lanyon . Dr Lanyon told him that they have seen him very little the last ten years because he had become too imaginative for him!

The short strange story of his friend Enfield , the will and Dr Lanyon's negative opinion made the lawyer very worried, so he decided to visit Mr Hyde in order to see him face-to-face. He waited for him patiently outside the mysterious building and he eventually talked to him. Without having any result from their conversation , he decided to visit his client who only highlighted his will to leave all his possessions to Mr Hyde!

A year later , Mr Hyde ,who was recognised by a servant girl , killed an old man with his heavy stick ! The police found a letter addressed to Mr Utterson in the dead man's pocket . The victim was Utterson's client, Sir Danvers Carew! The police started an investigation to arrest the murderer and Mr Utterson tried to solve the case,too.

Later that same afternoon Mr Utterson visited Dr Jekyll who looked ill and tired with confused feelings . Dr Jekyll told the lawyer that nobody would ever hear of Hyde again and gave him a letter of Hyde who had probably disappeared!

Part 2 (page 25-46)

The lawyer's thoughts were sad! He already had a dead client and the life and reputation of another were in danger. After these thoughts, the lawyer asked his chief clerk named Mr Guest for advice and he showed the murderer' s letter. Mr Guest was interested in the study of handwriting and he surprisingly compared the murderer's letter with a note of Dr Jekyll, which was proven to be of similar handwriting! This fact was extremely strange.

Time passed. Mr Hyde had just disappeared ! Everyone was calm and peaceful , especially Dr Jekyll who from now on invited all the old friends to his house and at the same time became a churchgoer. However, this calm period didn't last for a long, so in a couple of months the lawyer visited Doctor Lanyon who didn't seem healthy, as he was suddenly an old , sick man with a frightened look in his eyes. He was dying and told him that nothing could be done for Dr Jekyll .Soon after his death Mr Utterson received an envelope with the instructions not to be opened until the death or disappearance of Dr Jekyll. As he was an honest man and a lawyer, he didn't do it.

Mr Utterson tried to visit Dr Jekyll, but his servant Poole told him that his master didn't want to see anyone; he spent all his time in the study of the laboratory, working on some chemical powders. One Sunday Mr Utterson and his friend Enfield saw Dr Jekyll at an open window staring outside like a prisoner and had a short discussion which was interrupted by an abrupt reaction of the Doctor. The smile left his face and was replaced by an expression of fear and horror and he slammed the window.

One day, Dr Jekyll's servant called the lawyer and explained him how strange the doctor's life was and that he believed that he was murdered because the voice wasn't his master's. After one extended conversation, Mr Utterson and the servant decided to break down the door of the laboratory with an axe and find out all the answers to Dr Jekyll's mystery! Eventually, they furiously got into the room and faced Mr Hyde down on the ground! The laywer shook his head; he was afraid that he had come too late to save the doctor and too late to punish the murderer.

Part 3
Searching for Dr Jekyll's dead body, they understood that it was a long time since anyone had opened the door because the key was broken! How had Hyde got into and how had Dr Jekyll escaped? They went on searching and when they turned to the desk , they found a large packet addressed to Mr Utterson. The handwriting was Dr Jekyll's. The packet contained three envelopes. The first was a will , which was given to Mr Utterson with a change . The doctor had left all his money not to Hyde, but to Utterson! A new mystery was why Hyde hadn't destroyed this will; he was there all this time! The next envelope contained a short note in the doctor's handwriting on today's date . Dr Jekyll was alive here today . The note gave information about Lanyon's letter which Utterson was keeping all this time in his house! The third and last envelope was Dr Jekyll's confession, which afterwards would be opened and read .

Mr Utterson went home and read the letter in peace and quiet. The letter said to Mr Lanyon to go to the Doctor' s home and with the aid of his servant to break the lock of his study door . The instructions were given to find a book , a bottle and chemical powders which he should carry at his house where a short man was going to visit him. All these happened exactly as was described. The short man came at midnight. Lanyon was afraid of this man's appearance and carried a weapon, just in case!

Part 4

The stranger got inside Lanyon's home and asked him if he had taken the box with all those things; Lanyon gave it to him and the stranger proposed to leave the house straight away or stay and experience something new, something unknown to science. Lanyon stayed! The stranger drank the liquid , his body shook and jumped , gradually seemed to change and finally, in front of him stood Henry Jekyll!

With fear in his heart , Mr Utterson put away Dr Lanyon's letter and started reading the confession of Dr Jekyll. In his confession explained that he wanted to separate the different parts of his character: the serious, successful young doctor and the wild , fun-loving, irresponsible young man . He spent many hours in laboratory to achieve this goal and he actually did it . He separated himself into two parts: the good side and the evil side of character. However, not only did his character transform, but also his appearance equaled that of a short and unpleasant man. He provoked a feeling of dislike and honor. Soon he was out of control!

In resent weeks Hyde had become too big and strong, both in body and character, to be controlled. Although he took a dose of the drug to become Dr Jekyll , he woke up as Hyde in the morning. After that, he took a double dose to become Dr Jekyll and he managed to control that for two months. However , when he started being bored , he drank it again and transformed to a madman who beat Sir Danvers to death! He wasn't ashamed of his crime. He was filled with a high, sweet excitement.But it was time to get rid off Hyde and not show his face to the world again!

Soon , however, and without warning he became again the murderer who was wanted by police and, to make matters worse, with a laboratory locked and with the key broken! Hyde , then used his handwriting ! He wrote two letters, one to his servant and the second to his friend Lanyon, who helped him to transform again to the Doctor. He went home but he hated himself , so Hyde was winning. Jekyll was afraid of Hyde! He transformed again and again; therefore, he needed larger and more frequent doses to stay in Jekyll's body. Hyde became stronger than ever and hated each other with equal passion but for different reasons. Hyde did annoying things like burning his letters and tearing the books, but he also feared his own death.

His servant, Poole, tried to find suitable chemicals after he read his written notes, but at last decided that the first drug wasn't pure, so his drug was an accidental discovery that could not be repeated. About a week passed by. He used the last dose to be Dr Jekyll and he was writing the confession hoping to finish it before he transformed! He wished to be brave enough to take a dose of poison at the last moment . Well ,finally, he didn't need to do it!

The End!!