Wuthering Heights

Part 1

Chapters 1-4

Mr Lockwood, who is Mr Heathcliff' s new tenant and neighbour, visits Heathcliff at his house. There, he also meets an old man, named Joseph, a young boy and Mrs Heathcliff. He still doesn' t know the relation among these people. He just supposes. But nobody looks happy with Mr Lockwood's arrival, not even the dogs of the house! He observes something strange and suspicious to their behaviour and life. Mr Lockwood does not expect such an unpleasant and rough welcome! He is wondering what wrong he might have done and what is happening there. Unfortunately, he gets no answers during his visit.

As it is time to return at his house, he notices that it is snowing heavily and it is tough for him to find the path to go back. The snow has not stopped falling yet and, as a consequence, Mr Lockwood spends his night there. The servant of the house offers him a room to sleep. Mr Lockwood feels that this room hides a mystery. In spite of that, he falls asleep. He has an absolutely uncomfortable night. In his dream, which is undoubtedly a nightmare, he dreams of a girl called Catherine Linton. The girl storms into the room and grabs his arm screaming. He cannot sleep anymore..

The sun rises and Mr Lockwood returns to his house at Thrushcross Grange. He is wondering after that if he has finally chosen the correct house for him. There is Mrs Dean, who has lived at Mr Heathcliff' s house for some time, and is the appropriate person to give some answers to Mr Lockwood. He is now ready to hear a story by Mrs Dean. A very interesting story, as it unfolds little by little. . .

Part 2

Chapters 5-10

Wuthering Heights were built about three hundred years ago and until now it remains the family home. One morning, Mr Earnshaw leaves for a journey. Three days after his absence he comes back having with him a little child. Mr Earnshaw's children, Hindley and Cathy, do not welcome the little poor boy, who was given the name Heathcliff. But a few days later Cathy and Heathcliff become two very good friends. Unfortunately Hindley still hates Heathcliff.

Some time later, Mr Earnshaw dies and Hindley becomes the Master of the house.Cathy is most of her time with Heathcliff and she is very fond of him. Hindley gets married and his wife also mentions her dislike to Heathcliff. Hindley decides to stop Heathcliff' s education and makes him a servant of the house. One Sunday, as Cathy and Heathcliff are catching sight of the Thrushcross Grange-Linton's house- the house dog bites Cathy's leg and Lintons keeps her there until her ankle is totally cured. She stays there for a month and becomes friends with Linton's children, Edgar and Isabelle. Her manners are now much improved and her appearance too. Heathcliff, who is in a worse situation than before, feels shy to speak to Cathy when she comes back.

Christmas Day has come and Heathcliff has an unhappy time because of Hindley's behaviour. What makes him absolutely depressed that day is Edgar's arrival. Despite the fact that he is trying to have a better appearance and not a poor or dirty one, he feels like that the others look down on him. He hates Hindley and he wants to take revenge.

The following June, Hindley's wife gives birth to a son, called Hareton, and after that she dies. Cathy is gaining Isabelle's admiration more and more as well as Edgar's heart. Cathy admits to Heathcliff that she prefers Linton's company than his. That evening Edgar visits Cathy and there is a big quarrel between them. But this quarrel brings them closer and Edgar asks Cathy to marry him.