A song full of important messages as well as common phrasal verbs!

stand up for
to defend the cause of; support:
No one could understand why he stood up for an incorrigible criminal.

Compare it to:

stand for
a. to represent; symbolize: P.S. stands for “postscript.”
b. to advocate; favor: He stands for both freedom and justice.
c. Informal . to tolerate; allow: I won't stand for any nonsense!

stand up
a. to come to or remain in a standing position: to stand up when being introduced.
b. to remain strong, convincing, or durable: The case will never stand up in court. Wool stands up better than silk.

stand up to
to meet or deal with fearlessly; confront: to stand up to a bully.

Other phrasal verbs in the song:

give up
a. to abandon hope; despair.
b. to desist from; renounce: to give up smoking.
c. to surrender; relinquish.
d. to devote (oneself) entirely to: She gave herself up to her job and seldom saw her old friends.

get up
a. to sit up or stand; arise.
b. to rise from bed.
c. to ascend or mount.
d. to prepare; arrange; organize: to get up an exhibit.
e. to draw upon; marshal; rouse: to get up one's courage.
f. to acquire a knowledge of.
g. (to a horse) go! go ahead! go faster!
h. to dress, as in a costume or disguise: She got herself up as an astronaut.
i. to produce in a specified style, as a book: It was got up in brown leather with gold endpapers.

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Yes!!!I found one (Despoina)
With the lyrics underneath !!
In this one we can see the use of the idiom "perish the thought" as well as "cherish the thought" too!
I will try to find more songs for sure !!:-))
ps: I Love this exercice!!!!

Christina: Well done, Despina! I am waiting for more songs like this one!
phrasal verbs : After all you put me through... joy ride just came down in flames... your greed sold me out of shame...
I wouldn't know just how capable I am to pull through...turn out to be unjust.

put sb through: to cause to undergo
come down : reduce
sell sb out : betray
pull through : survive
turn out : prove

I think that was it for today :-)) Despina

Christina: I am impressed! Not only did you find an appropriate song, but you also looked up the meanings of the phrasal verbs. Superb!


Maroon 5 - Stutter

shake up: to shake in order to mix or loosen
to upset; jar
to agitate mentally or physically

shut up: to imprison; confine
to close entirely
to stop talking; become silent

get up: to sit up or stand; arise
to rise frim bed
to ascend or mount
to prepare; arrange; organize
to draw upon
to acquire a knowledge of
to dress, as in a costume or disguise
to produce in a specified style, as a book

Do not forget to check out this videoclip version! These guys are hilarious!

Christina: Amazing video, Mano; I laughed my head off! I am also very pleased with the phrasal verbs you have listed.