1) Manos, what are your interests?
There 2 things I really like to do in my spare time. I am keen on watching documentaries and swimming. I like every kind of documentaries, but especially those about the human body. I want to know everything about the body parts, such as the liver, the thighs, the pelvis, the forearms or glands. I also like to see how the body is under the skin, to see how the cardiovascular system, digestive system, the veins and the muscles look like. However, I do not consider myself couch potato. I try to take some exercise. I spend three hours per week in a swimming pool. As a result, I am in a good shape. I have also achieved weight control; I do not have to worry about the calories. Last but not least, swimming is the best way to control stress. The world seems to be better after an hour in the swimming pool.

2) Nikos, could you tell us more about your family?
We are the four of us: my wife Litsa, my 3-year-old twins and I. My children are not of the same sex even though they are twins. They are a girl and a boy and they are called Nefeli and Alexandros respectively. Apart from the care and the great amount of time they require, my wife and I try to seek and find spare time for ourselves. We live happily and peacefully most time of the day, while the rest of the time we have arguments and fights! Beyond the fact that it can be significantly difficult to bring up twins, this experience is extremely interesting and enjoyable!

3) Babis, what is your neighbourhood like?
I live in a peaceful neighbourhood, near the center of Heraklion, with many trees next to the road and beautiful gardens in every residence. Everyone can easily find a place to park his/her car and because of the fact that there is no traffic in the area, we seldom hear annoying noises when being at home. Furthermore, my neighbors are very kind and eager to help when something occurs and generally we respect each other. It is certainly an ideal place to live in and raise your children in good conditions.

4) Despina, what are your ambitions for the future, personal and professional ones?
In the future, first of all, I'd really like to have my own family. I think that being a wife and mother will be the most important role in my whole life. I know that raising children involves a lot of responsibilities and requires available free time, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to juggle my personal life with my work. As far as my work is concerned, I will be very happy to continue working as a lawyer in the Court of Heraklion and having an intense yearn for work and creativity.