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'The older I grow, the more firmly I believe that the few joys of childhood are the best that life has to give.'
by Ellen Glasgow

Nick: That's correct! Actually I believe that all us , I mean the mature ones, should try to protect that innocent feeling which joys provide! I gradually support this and as I have been father recently ! The joys of childhood help children to shape a healthy personality !

Christina: Bravo Nick, that's a great answer! However, I have a question to ask you: How can mature people protect the innocence of children? Isn't losing this purity of spirit inevitable as the years go by?

Nick: One thought is that we shouldn't force our children to grow up earlier than the age demands ! One second thought is to prefer joys which are mostly suitable for brain and emotional exercise! And I' m sure, there are many paths that all of us could follow to protect children's innocence!
As for losing the purity of spirit, I don't believe that's inevitable. We may have a wrong mentality, but I'm convinced that the new generation will transform all wrongs to better things and ideas!

I strongly believe that “the joys of the childhood help children to shape a healthy personality” and I agree with Nikos about that, but I don’t think that these joys are the best that life gives us.
People tend to look back at their lives with nostalgia. That’s why they all think that the joys of the past are the most important and the best they ever had. The truth is that life provides us with joys not only when we are children. There are joys for teenagers, grownups and old men, too.
The key for experiencing joys, even if you are not a child any more, are your friends and family! If these people are not vicious. you are lucky and you can remain partly innocent.
Babis: As we get older , the responsibilities we have as members of an organized society, are increasing and we face more complex problems, mostly regarding our family and our job. Most of the joys of life are stepped aside exactly because of our effort to deal with these daily problems. Therefore, people occasionally remember the innocence of their childhood and believe that the joys of that period are the best of their life. In contrast to this opinion, I would say that there are many joys after the adolecence that could make us happy, such as the birth of a child and its upbringing.
Despoina: In my opinion, although this is a great saying, the true joys of our lives begin after we reach adulthood. I strongly believe that, as children, we can't understand the meaning of the joys of our childhood. Only when we grew older we are able to appreciate these joys and we often want to turn back time. In contrast to our childhood, as adults, we are able to be happy with really few joys, which actually mean something to us.

Monika: It is fact that most of us agree with that. This happens because as we become older and leave behind the carefree times of childhood, we gradually assume more serious roles , we are responsible for our duties and we are finally sick of such things. But in my opinion, despite the fact that an adult’s life has many problems to cope with, there are many daily joys in each stage of our life.
The only thing we have to do as adults is to enjoy and appreciate the daily simple joys and not pretend not to see them by being usually grumpy about difficulties that life also has.